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Pumpkin Cheesecake Mousse with Apple Cinnamon Confetti

You guys, I used to cook for a lot of really cool people. People with really great palettes, that were willing to try almost anything. They appreciated the time and effort that went into each recipe, into each ingredient. They fueled my creativity and I thrived knowing that they enjoyed each and every bite. In…

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Vegan Strawberry Basil Scones

Vegan Strawberry Basil Scones Strawberries and basil, a match so perfect I might dare to say it should replace peanut butter and jelly. Maybe, that is taking it a little far but not by much! This combo is delicious in both sweet and savory concepts. Strawberries and basil in a salad or cooked down over…

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Roasted Green Bean and Potato Summer Picnic Salad

Roasted Green Bean and Potato Summer Picnic Salad We are still in the depths of summer here in Phoenix. It has been over 110 degrees that last few weeks and there is no end in sight. Hot temps make me think of summer produce and yummy cold picnic salads. Confession: I LOVE PICNIC SALADS. Give…

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